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"Game of Microphones enriches my enjoyment of the show so much, I'll never see any episode the same way again. Welcome to a great community of fans with knowledge of the books, passion for the World of Ice and Fire and a spirit of inclusion for nerds and casual fans alike." - Caroline Collins

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Love this podcast about GOT!

"It's the best and Duncan knows how to bring historical/cultural info in to give more to the podcast fans! Continue the great work Duncan!!!"

- Caroline Grenier

Epic episode lengths and great listener feedback.

" Game of Microphones has a rewatch with your buddies kind of feel. Host has excellent radio voice. Very responsive to feedback and very inclusive of listeners. Has a more interactive quality than any podcast I've heard. There's a sense of "solving the mystery together" that I just haven't seen anywhere else."

- Ser Patrick McWhorter





Ser Duncan, Lord Stirling
Duncan Kirk McPherson
After getting into Game of Thrones in spring 2014, and marathoning the series at a dizzying pace (instantly hooked), Ser Duncan caught up to HBO’s release dates in time to watch Season 4’s explosive “The Mountain and the Viper” for his first episode live. For the rest of Season 4, Ser Duncan watched each episode live, and filled out the rest of his week with listening to podcasts analyzing the episodes, to prevent GoT withdrawals.
After watching the end of Season 4 with the rest of the world, and struggling to cope with the lack of GoT during the hiatus, Ser Duncan embarked on the fantastic journey of A Song of Ice and Fire, listening through all of the available audiobooks whenever and wherever possible. Whether he was driving, or working, or in the shower, our Lord Stirling would have his car stereo blasting, or his portable speaker (hanging around his neck) emitting the hundreds of voices of ASoIaF as performed by Roy Dotrice. Luckily he was aware of the Boiled Leather Tandem Read, so he experienced Books 4 and 5 together for his first read through, for a much smoother experience with greater continuity, even though jumping back and forth between audiobooks was a bit confusing at times. Once Dunc’s first read through was complete, he dove even deeper into podcasts. He listened to the book analyses of Radio Westeros, and the character and house studies by History of Westeros, and the mythological decoding of The Mythical Astronomy of Ice and Fire, as well as countless other fantastic GoT/ASoIaF related podcasts. He explored the theories and speculation of Podcast Winterfell, and the community oriented Game of Owns. He read fan theories on reddit, and bought fan art at conventions, and acquired prop replicas of the Hound’s Helm, and various swords and daggers from GoT. All this while listening through the audiobooks a second time.
After so much research and enjoyment, Ser Duncan decided it was time to share what he’d learned with the world. He began guest hosting on Game of Microphones, and submitted a series of podcast episodes comparing the new show episodes to their book counterparts, jokingly titled “Still Smug Book Talk”. Eventually he was offered a permanent co-hosting slot in GoM.  After the completion of Season 7 of GoT, he spearheaded a Series Rewatch, starting from the Game of Thrones Pilot episode, to bring some light to the Long Night (the extended hiatus) in between Seasons 7 and 8. Being impressed with Duncan’s rewatch, GoM was handed over to Duncan to make his own.
Now, GoM is on track to complete its Game of Thrones Series Rewatch right on time for the Game of Thrones Season 8 premier. Join us as we experience all the beautiful nuances of the series together as we head towards the final season of Game of Thrones. Ser Duncan has a long history of recording and editing sound. He attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, studying Guitar and Music Business Management, and currently attends Arizona State University as an Electrical Engineering Major, as well as going to Connecticut School of Broadcasting to further his production capabilities. 
Lady Rachel, House Fox
Lady Rachel was reluctant to watch Game of Thrones but some consistent coaxing by her husband, Ser David, convinced her to finally agreed to watch the best show in TV history. Rachel remained reluctant for the majority of the first season, until S1 E9 which had her hooked. Rachel binged the series with her husband and caught up when season 4 aired. She fell in love with the show so much, she decided to pick up the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series by George R.R. Martin. Being that Rachel is not an avid reader in her spare time, she is still reading the books, and thoroughly enjoying them when she can. Rachel feels the books have lent themselves well to the enjoyment of the TV show and looks forward to completing the book series and all the novellas and history books that accompany the ASOIAF series. When House Fox’s first child, Justin, was born, she spent “long nights” in his nursery and binged watched GoT over, and over, and over, and over again... so much so, she lost count of how many times she’s watch the series. She knows it’s definitely over 50! Yes, that is crazy... As she rewatched the show over and over, she started to pick up on the amazing detail and “breadcrumbs” the show lends its audience. In 2017, Rachel came across the Game of Microphones podcast and was hooked at the level of detail the podcast covered. She binged the audio episodes and started contributing to Raven’s Calls regularly. She was then asked to come on as a guest and the rest is GoM History!

Lady Rachel and her family currently reside in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. She attended Oregon State University where she obtained a BS in Sociology with a focus in Criminal Delinquent Social Behaviors and a minor in Written English. She currently works as an Account Manager at an Employee Benefits Consulting Firm and owns an online Health & Wellness business. Rachel is anxiously anticipating the debut of the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones. She is dedicated to the Game of Microphones Rewatch and loves reading Raven’s Calls on air! It always gives her fresh perspective on a show she has grown to love, appreciate, and dissect to try and figure out how the anticipated Season 8 will play out!
Game of Microphones


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