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82: "The Children" (S4E10)

Burn all the dead before nightfall as we break down all the juicy details and intrigue of the Season 4 Finale of #GameOfThrones, "The Children", in GoM 82, part of our #SeriesRewatch.

In a truly pivotal episode of GoT, things will never be the same as we witness drastic alteration of (and in some cases, advancement on) the paths of many of our main characters. After the brutal murder of Tywin Lannister, the seeming death of The Hound, Stannis's "deus ex machina" arrival at The Wall, Bran's arrival at the tree of the Three Eyed Raven, Varys and Tyrion's fleeing from King's Landing, and Arya's departure from Westeros, the Seven Kingdoms are left entwined in chaos as the power structure is shaken to its core.

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