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Season 4 : Episode 8

The Mountain and the Viper​.

Smash some beetles and skulls on Ep 80 of GoM, on our #SeriesRewatch of #GameOfThrones!  Joined this week by Archmaester Stitches from the Luminescent Citadel on the Siren Isle, Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel deep dive into one of the most thrilling and infamous episodes of the series, S4Ep8 "The Mountain and the Viper". We examine the deeper meanings behind the allegory of Orson Lannister and his smashing of the beetles of Casterly Rock ("Smash em!"), visit the Eyrie as Sansa mixes truth with fiction to save Littlefinger's life and status, reunite with Hot Pie, who has greatly improved on his Direwolf Bread since we saw him last, and witness the horror of Oberyn Martell's failed attempt to come out victorious against The Mountain in Tyrion's trial by combat.  Kick back for a mega 3hr05min56sec Mountain-sized episode of Game of Microphones!

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