95: "Oathbreaker" (S6E03)

Now it begins.  No, now it ends.  Dual wield your swords for this episode of GoMPodcast's 'For The Rewatch' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch covering S6Ep3 "Oathbreaker".  Dive in with Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel.  Legends die as legends are born.  Dany arrives "home".  Sam is on a boat.  We see young Ned fight Arthur Dayne in this epic episode of one of our favorite seasons of GoT. Listen here: Subscribe in iTunes: https:/

94: "Home" (S6E02)

Awaken with a gasp from death in terror on this edition of GoMPodcast's 'For The Rewatch' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, as Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel cover S6Ep2 "Home".  Jon is dead until he's not.  A girl is no one.  The mountain smashes another skull.  Theon is headed for Pyke.  Sansa is headed for Jon.  Tyrion makes Eunuch jokes.  Balon falls.  Enjoy episode 94 of Game of Microphones! Listen here: Subscribe in iTunes: htt

93: "The Red Woman" (S6E01)

Take off your necklace and let it all hang out on GoMPodcast's 'For The Rewatch' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, as we dive into the Season 6 Premier, "The Red Woman".  Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel are excited to welcome Lady Lisa of House Sky, Pie Romancer, onto the show! Jon is dead.  Brienne swears a vow of service.  Dany is captured.  Sansa is saved.  Ramsay is sad? We hope this episode improves the enjoyability of your day, whether you're going for a run, commuting, walking

92: "Mother's Mercy" (S5E10)

Jump from the walls of Winterfell in this installment of GoMPodcast's 'For the Rewatch!' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch as Ser Duncan, Lady Rachel, and Archmaester Stitches dissect the Season 5 finale, "Mother's Mercy".  Arya is poisoned, Dany is stranded, Stannis is stopped dead(?) in his tracks, Sansa and Theon jump, Jon Snow is stabbed repeatedly and so is Meryn Trant and more in this epic season finale!  Kick back and relax for a 2hr45min43sec episode of Game of Microphone

91: "The Dance of Dragons" (S5E09)

Have your tissues ready (unless you're a sociopath) as GoMPodcast's 'For the Rewatch!' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch covers S5Ep9, "The Dance of Dragons".  Game of Thrones Episode 9's are known for the heartbreak they inflict upon the viewers, and this one is no exception.  We sadly bid a fiery farewell to the Princess Shireen of House Baratheon.  Luckily, this episode doesn't leave us feeing too down at the end, and they give us something to cheer for as for the first time i

90: "Hardhome" (S5E08)

It's finally here! One of the most epic battles in on-screen history! The army of the dead strike at "Hardhome" in this installation of GoMPodcast's 'For the Watch' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, covering the infamous S5Ep8.  Tyrion and Dany get acquainted, and so do Jon and the Night King.  Jorah is faces exile for a 3rd time. Sam convinces Olly to kill Jon.  Cersei breaks, in the cells below the Sept of Baelor. Enjoy the show as Lord Stirling and Lady Rachel break down all

89: "The Gift" (S5E07)

Bow before the Dragon Queen on this installment of GoMPodcast's 'For The Rewatch' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, covering S5Ep7, "The Gift".  In a pivotal episode of HBO's hit series, a series of major events unfold as Tyrion meets Dany, Cersei is imprisoned, Sam gets laid, and much more, including the death of Maester Aemon.  Sit back and relax with Ser Duncan, Lady Rachel, and guest Lady Hannah as we break down all the details :) Listen Here: http://gameofmicrophones.libsyn

88: "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken " (S5E06)

This time on GoMPodcast's 'For The Rewatch' #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, enjoy the new-fallen snow of the Winterfell Godswood while you can, because you're about to be married to a psychopåath! We're covering the infamously brutal S5Ep6 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".  Sansa is married, Margaery and Loras are arrested, Tyrion and Jorah are captured by slavers in search of a cock-merchant, Sansa and Reek are reunited and Ramsay parades the broken Reek in front of her, Jaime and

87: "Kill the Boy" (S5E05)

On this installment of GoMPodcast's #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch covering S5Ep5, "Kill the Boy" and let the man be born!  Jon faces a tough decision at the wall.  Dany feeds her dragons (or technically wyverns). Stannis rides for Winterfell. RIP Barristan the Bold... Thanks to Jon Bailey from the Emmy-nominated #HonestTrailers for announcing our podcast! Enjoy the show! Listen here: Subscribe in iTunes: https://itunes

86: "Sons of the Harpy" (S5E04)

Fight for your life this week in our #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch as Lord Stirling and Lady Rachel dig deep into S5Ep4 "Sons of the Harpy.  Batman meets his fate, Jon's true lineage is hinted at repeatedly, Littlefinger tells the story of Harrenhal, Stannis and Melisandre  affirm and define Shireen's worth in very different ways, Jon is temped by Melisandre, and much more in this jam packed episode of HBO's hit series.  Sit back and relax for a gargantuan episode of GoM that

84: "The House of Black and White" (S5E02)

On this installment of our #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, pledge us your sword and rise as the Lord of Winterfell! Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel dive deep into S5Ep2 "The House of Black and White". Dany learns the truth about the Mad King, Stannis makes Jon an offer he thinks he can't refuse, Brienne and Pod encounter Sansa and Littlefinger, and Arya reaches the House of Black and White, in this classic episode of HBO's hit series. We break down all the minutia and have fun doin

83: "The Wars to Come" (S5E01)

Burn the king of lies with Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel as they dig deep into S5Ep1 "The Wars to Come" in GoM 83, continuing our #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch. The chaos begins to settle at The Wall as Stannis lays down the law. Young Cersei meets a woods witch, Mance Rayder refuses to bend the knee, Melisandre asks Jon the only important question, the Sons of the Harpy strike in Meereen following the destruction of the Harpy atop the Great Pyramid, and more in this epic season

82: "The Children" (S4E10)

Burn all the dead before nightfall as we break down all the juicy details and intrigue of the Season 4 Finale of #GameOfThrones, "The Children", in GoM 82, part of our #SeriesRewatch. In a truly pivotal episode of GoT, things will never be the same as we witness drastic alteration of (and in some cases, advancement on) the paths of many of our main characters. After the brutal murder of Tywin Lannister, the seeming death of The Hound, Stannis's "deus ex machina" arrival at Th

81: "The Watchers on the Wall" (S4E09)

Hold the gate in Ep81 of GoMPodcast, on our #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch! Heroes rise and giants fall. Lord Stirling and Lady Rachel break down it all.  Black brothers fight, and loves reunite. A great fire lights the up the dead of the night. They last till the morning, through sorrow and mourning, and Snow's course is North, despite Samwell's warning. We hope you enjoy this coverage of the penultimate episode of Season 4, "The Watchers on the Wall". Check out Ser Duncan an

Season 4 : Episode 8

The Mountain and the Viper​. Smash some beetles and skulls on Ep 80 of GoM, on our #SeriesRewatch of #GameOfThrones!  Joined this week by Archmaester Stitches from the Luminescent Citadel on the Siren Isle, Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel deep dive into one of the most thrilling and infamous episodes of the series, S4Ep8 "The Mountain and the Viper". We examine the deeper meanings behind the allegory of Orson Lannister and his smashing of the beetles of Casterly Rock ("Smash em!")